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Educational Initiative Implemented At Karkar & Maharajpur From July To September 2017 HPPI and SFHE joined hands to educate and mainstream 100 out-of-school children, giving them an opportunity to learn. Along with educational support, the project also provides mid-day meals to children of.The report collated below explains the activities held in the second quarter i.e. July to September, 2017. In this quater, 51 children of Kadam project were admitted to new schools equivalent to their aptitude skills. This gave rise to an opportunity for new which made space for new children in the center. As a result, 35 children from Karkar and Maharajpur enrolled themselves for this quarter. All the students showed great enthusiasm in learning different concepts through innovative and playful learning techniques. Parent Teacher meetings were also organized in this period to involve the parents track the progress of their respective wards. The themes followed in this quarter from July to September 2017, are: In July, the theme was ‘How People Travel, Communicate and Work’, which focused on the means of transportation and communication. In August the theme ‘Healthy Body and Healthy Habits’, was implemented with an aim to promote healthy living and inform the children about the importance of maintaining good hygiene. In the month of September, the theme implemented was ‘Math in Everyday Life’ with a focus to educate the children and get them acquainted with basic mathematical calculations and their use in day to day activities.

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