Power of Education

Since 2003, the Sanganeria Foundation for Health and Education (SFHE) is making a positive impact to the weaker sections of society. We tap into our inherent urge of giving back; and use it to address key issues that form the fabric of India’s socio-economic development – namely health and education.

Sanganeria Science Block at Hindu College, Delhi

To satiate the burgeoning needs of its students, Hindu College in New Delhi sought financial aid for building an additional Academic Block. SFHE has supported with the financial aid of Rs 2.05 crores to build a “Science Block” at Hindu College in New Delhi. The construction was completed in 2016. This block is named as Sanganeria Science Block”, mainly comprising of 4 labs for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany respectively.

Digital Literacy Programme

SFHE started Digital Literacy Centre for children to develop their computer skills. These skills will help to build their self -confidence, creativity and learning grasping power in order to face this challenging world in a better way.At present, one of our digital Literacy Centre is running in Village Karkar Model in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. This programme aims at imparting computer training to at least 80 children belonging to the locality.

Sanganeria Science Block at Raghunath Balika Vidyalaya, Laxmangarh (Dist - Sikar)

SFHE has made its inevitable contribution by constituting a fully equipped “Science Block” at Raghunath Balika Vidlaya in Rajasthan. This Block was built in the loving memory of Late Sh. Prahlad Roy Sanganeria and Late Smt Radha Devi Sanganeria. This Block comprises of Biology, Chemistry and Physics wings. Sanganeria Foundation contributed a sum of Rs 55 lacs in the whole construction. Continuous financial support is being provided by the foundation for day to day running of the school activities. An annual cash award is also provided to the highest merit achievers of Class 10 and 12 of the Vidyalaya. Apart from this, the Foundation has also instituted several prestigious awards for meritorious and all rounder students between class 9 and 12, along with Scholarships for supporting students of the economically weaker sections of the society.

Educational support to Gateway School of Mumbai

The Gateway School of Mumbai, a non- profit school for students with learning disabilities, is an ambitious endeavor by the Bodani family to provide world-class expertise and facilities to the children who need special treatment. Started in partnership with the Renowned Gateways School of New York, it is the first- of -its -kind Interventional school for special children in the city. Catering to the needs of 3-20 years old students, the school was started by Mrs Indira Bodani. Though the Keshavlal V. Bodani Education Foundation set by her, absorbs 50% of the tuition fees, many students from the lower income families were unable to afford the discounted tuition fees. Thus, the Foundation sought assistance from various other foundations, including the “Sanganeria Foundation for Health and Education” to undertake the sponsorship of one child. SFHE gladly accepted this proposal. After several discussions with the parents of the needy children, our Foundation identified Joshua Shibuand and selected him as our sponsor child. At present, Joshua is progressing well with the joint and continuous efforts of Gateways School and SFHE. We hope Joshua will soon be able to match his non-verbal expressions and gestures to what he is verbally expressing.

Supporting Sanganeria Scholar at PYDS

Our Foundation has been supporting “The Purkal Youth Development Society” (PYDS), Uttarakhand, since 2006, towards the educational development of 21 poor rural children- named as Sanganeria Scholars”. Registered in 2003, PYDS is a NGO situated in the Himalayan foothills and is dedicated towards the enhancement of lives of the underprivileged young people by empowering them with world class education and complete care.

Financial support to Dayawanti Punj College, Sitamarhi U.P.

Shri Satya Narain Prakash Punj, the founder of Dayawanti Punj Model School, with his continuous fight against the harsh reality of prejudice against girl child, illiteracy and poverty, decided to stop the rot at its source. He started an English medium school for girls at Sitamarhi. This School gave scholarships as an incentive to parents to educate their daughters. This step helped in changing the mindset of our society that boys are an investment for future and girls should marry at an early age and leave their parental home. SFHE has been supporting this Girl’s School since 2009 by sponsoring 11 students each year.

Supporting Academy for Street and Working Children

Since 2007, Sanganeria Foundation has been working in partnership with “Humana People to People India”, in running the project “Academy for Street and Working Children” in Village Maharajpur, Sahibabad Industrial Area. Another educational programme running by SFHE in partnership with HUMANA is “Prathmic Vidyalaya”, Karkar Model in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. This Programme focuses on providing basic and primary education to poor children from class 1 to class 8.

KADAM Step Up Program – Padhega India To Badhega India

On April 2017, Sanganeria Foundation For Health & Education decided to implement the KADAM Step Up Program in collaboration with HPPI. The KADAM project focuses on enrolling 100 children who have been denied of formal education. The Program aims to provide them proper eductation and guidance and with this they wish to mainstream them to formal schools. Apart from providing free education they are also provided free mid day meals which is sponsored by Ultra International Ltd. Just like the proverb says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day“, similarly it takes time to create great things. We track the progress report of the children every quarter. And at the end of each quarter we analyse the challenges faced, the targets achieved, estimated changes required to be implement in the next quarter and finally be a part of the success story of every child who successfully completes the KADAM Step Up Program. The Kadam program focusses on the holistic development and academic advancement by providing bridge education to out of school children through the Kadam methodology. The children are imparted knowledge on different themes based on everyday life and educated on concepts that helps them gain practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Read further to see the quarterly progress report. To know more about the latest activities in this project Click here

Financial Support to Maharani Laxmibai College, Hissar

Financial support for upgrading four science labs. This college service rural girls at the village, Bhiwani Rohila, Balsmund Road Dist. Hisar, Haryana.

Financial support for Raghunath Balika Vidyalaya

In 1960s, a great visionary, Late Shri Chiranjilal Mishra dreamt of building a Girls High School in Lachhmangarh, Sikar, Rajasthan. This dream came into action when a similar visionary and a great philantrophist of the Sanganeria Family, Late Shri Prahlad Roy Sanganeria got stimulated by the dream and came forward for this nobel cause. He donated his ancestral property comprising Sanganeria Pariwar&rsquo;s well. The Vidyalaya was inaugurated on 21st January 1967. However, as the student&rsquo;s strength increased, the Vidyalaya found it difficult to meet its administrative expenses. The income received, as school/tution fee from the parents was meagre and insufficient to meet its expenses. At this point of time, in 2006, our Foundation extended its helping hands to the Vidyalaya. To further augment its support, Our Foundation became a permanent Trustee member of the Vidyalaya in 2013. The school now boasts of a total strength of approx. 1000 students.<img src='/web-assets/img/hindi-notifcation.jpg' class='img-responsive'>

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