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‘CANCER JAGRUKTA’ Event Organized in association with CAPED. SANGANERIA FOUNDATION FOR HEALTH AND EDUCATION (SFHE), a Non-Profit Organisation and ULTRA-INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (Industry Sponsor), carries out regular surveys to identify the most vulnerable areas in the weaker sections of the Society. With the view to spread awareness about the most deadly diseases & provide the most feasible philanthropic projects, they got in touch with CAPED for this project. CAPED India (Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection) is a nonprofit organization, striving to create awareness and educate masses to curb spreading of a 100% preventable, sexually transmitted disease – Cervical Cancer, affecting the cervix of women. A recent internal study and report established ‘Pahari’ areas (hilly, mountainous, and high-altitude terrain) as the most vulnerable zone towards the need of Cancer Screening & Detection. Rajokri village has been identified as a priority village. With door to door campaigns and announcements about the free cervical cancer screening also known as cancer jagrukta, the recently concluded awareness camp at Rajokri, screened over hundred people including married women in the age group between 18 to 55 years and men in the age group of 18- 65 years. The registration forms duly filled in by the people, included filling in all personal details,along with a questionnaire regarding their health status and general life style for better understanding and record-keeping. One of India’s eminent philanthropists, Sant K. Sanganeria, Founder and Managing Trustee of SANGANERIA FOUNDATION, also Founder Chairman &Managing Director of Ultra International Limited says, “It was shocking to learn, India loses one woman every 7 minutes to cervical cancer. In the 20th Century with so much development, information and knowledge, it feels disheartening to learn about the helplessness the Society still faces. Since 2003, we at SANGANERIA FOUNDATION, have been selflessly helping the underprivileged people by facilitating them with most appropriate and specific need, to help them become independent and grow. Our regular programmes are primarily focused on Health and Education Empowering the Rural Women.Partnering with CAPED has helped us expand on our reach and scale of operations.” The project, CANCER JAGRUKTA RAJOKRI-EK PRAYAAS has educated and discussed precautionary measures with over 5,000 women, including staff and girls of various schools and colleges as well as Village/Basti women. The Project has supported screening 1000+ women over a period of 6 months. The screening tests and checks are carried out by trained professionals and doctors of Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. According to a report by a leading public health institution, Cervical cancer has emerged as the second most common cause of cancer deaths amongst Indian women. On average, India reports about 122,000 new cases of cervical cancer annually, with around 67,500 women succumbing to the disease each year.Cervical cancer comes next only to breast cancer in terms of mortality rate in Indian women, the report added. Sunita Harkar Shalla, Operations Head CAPED says, “We heartily would like to thank Mr. Sanganeria for all the help and support extended to CAPED in helping us work towards our goals. At CAPED, we aim to create massive awareness of Cervical Cancer amongst both men and women, to ensure prevention and early detection. Suspected cases that have shown positive during our screening camps need to go through a thorough counselling to make them prepare and become a Cancer Fighter first before becoming a Cancer Survivor.” Speaking about the challenges faced while screening the doctors on CAPED panel says “The screening process includes the Pap tests, Mammography and other Clinical checks. It‟s a tedious process and becomes more stressful because of lack of awareness. Hence, with this partnership, we are confident, that people would become mentally stronger with information and knowledge and then would participate to undergo medical tests without much resistance. This is imperative, as Cervical Cancer is a sexually transmitted disease (STD), and it‟s of utmost priority for us to curb spreading of this cancer.”

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