Success Stories

Here is what Santosh Devi has to say about her experience: “My Name is Santosh Devi, wife of Subash Kumar of Narodra village in Lacchmangarh block of Sikar District. We own nearly 2 hectares of land as well as 6 cattle and our family of 6 members is completely dependent on the agriculture and animal husbandry.
In the month of July, HPPI project staff met my family and convinced us for installing a biogas plant by apprising us of its viability on the economic front, reducing cash outflows for firewood, chemical fertilizers, medicines, etc., reduced smoke inside the kitchen and lesser workload for women. To further convince my family members, a visit to a nearby running plant was organised for my mother-in-law where she saw a running plant, and after observing the good production she agreed to get a biogas plant setup at home.
It took about 5-6 days to complete the pit digging and finish up the construction. During the construction time, my neighbours used to nag at me that this effort was deemed to fail and I have wasted my money. Yet I did not feel dismayed and continued with the construction and started collecting dung for the plant. After one month I started feeding dung into the plant and waited to get the gas connection made. After 4-6 days the connection was made and is now running successfully. All my family members are very happy. We have removed the LPG connection from my house.


The supply works perfectly well and we are able to cook everything, from chapattis, vegetables, boiling milk to making feed for the animals.

Earlier we used to spend Rs. 600 every month for purchasing a cylinder, but now we directly save that money and also use Bio-slurry in our kitchen garden where we grow fresh vegetables. Thanks to the biogas plant that has enabled me to save a lot of time that was spent in making dung cakes and collecting firewood. Now this time is utilised more productively by teaching my children, looking after other household chores and taking adequate rest. I hereby extend my greatest thanks to Humana People to people India and the project partner, Sanganeria Foundation for having given us the technology which is serving as a boon for us.”

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