Success Stories

Joshua Shibu shares his experience at the school in his own words:
“I came to Gateway, because I knew about this school when my mom was researching about special schools. She found Gateway’s website and got more information about the school. We chose this school because it looks good, we have our own lockers, laptops and desks. In other schools we are paired with other people.
I had trouble in reading, so on the first day of the School they were teaching sounds and spellings, how to pronounce words. It worked for me and I tried to read myself. My reading improved by practice of spelling and sounds,” says Joshua.
“When I came, I didn’t have any friends, then slowly I made more friends. I had trouble talking to teachers and would not talk much. Now all are my friends in school, I play football with them, work in groups and share in class. I talk to my teachers clearly, share plans about my weekend, and do art based therapy.
Fulfilling his dreams with commitment
After my NIOS exam, I plan to go to college to study science and then I will have to do a job. After college I could also come back to Gateway and do a job,” emphasises Joshua.
“I have gained good reading. I have started to read words. I have started to talk with others. This I could achieve only because of the sponsorship and support from Sanganeria Foundation for Health & Education. Thank you for sponsoring me and thank you for helping me,” says a grateful Joshua.

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