Success Stories

ATrustee of Shri Raghunath Hospital and Shri Raghunath Balika Vidyalaya

J. P. Bairagra expresses his thoughts in his own words:
“Sanganeria Foundation for Health and Education is rendering notable service to the society in the field of health and education since many years; particularly in backward area of Rajasthan known as Sekhawati. They have spent lakhs of rupees in constructing the boundary wall of an only girls’ school few years back. Recently they strengthen it with a donation of around Rs. 13 lakhs. They are instrumental in starting Science Section in same girls’ school by constructing a fully equipped science laboratory.

In the field of healthcare, they are helping a 100 year old hospital with regular donation and contribution of Rs. 11 lakhs towards its corpus fund which is used in running and maintenance of hospital.

In interior villages of Sekhawati they are helping villagers construct biogas plants for clean energy thereby protecting the environment. Foundation’s dynamic chairman Shri Sant Sanganeria is always there to stand by those who need financial assistance. I wish and thank the Foundation for their great philanthropic activities.”

Ram Swaroop Mishra

ATrustee of Shri Raghunath Hospital and Shri Raghunath Balika Vidyalaya

Ram Swaroop Mishra pens his message:
“Sanganeria family has done a lot of work for Lachhmangarh (Rajasthan) and nearby villages which only a few people achieve. They constructed dharam shalas, deep wells and other facilities for residents of the town and to address the needs of the travellers. They generously contributed towards schools, goshalas, roads, hospitals etc. They also donated a vast area of family land for construction of schools, residential quarters for staff and a deep well of drinking water to the school.

I am grateful to Shri Sant Kumar ji for never disheartening me for my proposals to help Shri Raghunath Hospital and Shree Raghunath Balika Vidyalaya (Girls’ school) which stands on a vast land donated by Sanganeria family. Through the foundation, he constructed high security wall around the school. When we requested him to construct a science laboratory in the school, he immediately accepted our request and constructed the entire science block immediately costing about 60 lakhs.”

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