Success Stories

Kamini is the daughter of Mr. Goverdhan and Suman Godiyal. They migrated to Dehradun from Pauri Garhwal about 20 years ago in search of a livelihood. Her father is now a caretaker and a gardener of a farmhouse and lives in a small house allotted to them by the owner. Although born in a marginalized family, her parents have always been keen for giving quality education to their children.
The financial condition of the family improved in 2011 with her mother joining our sister Society, Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti, a society dedicated to enhancing the lives of disadvantaged women of the community. (Please see for more details.) She was trained over time and is now able to earn Rs.4, 000 – Rs.5, 000/- per month.

Taking the first step 

Kamini completed her primary schooling from the local John Martyn School. Successfully clearing our assessment designed to test mental ability, she joined us in Class 6 at age 11. A shy and a hesitant student, she has now grown to be a confident young person taking active part in group discussions and extempore debates.
While in her 8th Class in 2011 she became a ‘Sanganeria Scholar’ since the Sanganeria Foundation agreed to sponsor this class of students. The Foundation’s support was instrumental in the society to provide quality education to these students. Kamini was briefed along with her classmates about the expectations of the Foundation and she unfailingly met these. She was proud to be a ‘Sanganeria Scholar’ and worked very hard in Class 10 and scored 8.8 CGPA.


Kamini Godiyal worked very hard in Class 10 and scored 8.8 CGPA.

Kamini had a positive attitude and always believed in getting things done. She exhibited good leadership qualities and is a good table tennis player as well. She has completed her gold level in IAYP (International Award for Young People). By the time she passed her Class 8 examination, she had grown enough to win the ‘School All-Rounder of The Year’ award in 2008. In 2011, she was elected as a ‘House Captain’.
Sincere and responsible Kamini shoulders responsibilities happily and is always a helping hand for anyone at school. She takes keen interest in academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities and this won her the INST Kalpana Chawla Award with a scholarship of Rs 12,000 for three years in 2015.

She won INST Kalpana Chawla Award with a scholarship of Rs 12,000 for three years in 2015

She is a good speaker and expresses her views clearly and confidently. A good actor and a skilled dancer, she performs effectively and gracefully and just takes seconds to get into any character. She was a part of the choir in the Sanskrit Dance Competition and played the harmonium and won her group the 3rd prize.

Working hard towards her dreams

Kamini opted for the science stream with biology as a subject in Class 11. She aspires to be a ‘Gynaecologist’. She won the school elections in her 12th Class and became the Head Girl. She justified this additional responsibility exceptionally well.
Kamini’s dream of becoming a medical doctor appeared ambitious until December 2015 when she won the ‘Vahani Scholarship’. This scholarship, designed to produce leaders of tomorrow is meant for academically meritorious but economically disadvantaged children at the undergraduate university level in India. Commented upon as immensely talented, she is being offered a conditional scholarship with mentorship throughout her undergraduate studies, subject to her admission into a reputed University.
We have now paid for a crash course with Akash Institute to help her complete her PMT competition with distinction. We do believe that she will gain admission into a good medical College.

A word of gratitude 

All this was not possible without the support from Sanganeria Foundation for Health and Education. It is also worth mentioning that all through the four years the society did not send even a single reminder for the arrival of the donation.
Kamini knows that there are many like her who need support. She has learnt a lot about giving at PYDS and deeply appreciates the invaluable contribution that the Sanganeria Foundation has made to shape her life. Her sister Muskan Godiyal is also studying with us in Class 9.
Kamini is determined to help many like her when she is better placed in life.

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