Success Stories

My name is Sonu Pal and I am 14 years old. My father works in a company as a security guard, while my mother, a home-maker takes care of me, my four brothers and a sister. My family migrated from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh six years back and is now settled in Maharajpur. I did not like this place very much. Back in my village, I had a lot of friends to play with, but here, life was mundane, with nothing much to do. One day, out of usual boredom, as I was strolling around my house, I saw a group of children enjoying games inside a huge compound. On coming close, I realised it was a school,” recalls Sonu.


Moving from playground to classroom

“After frequent visits to the compound for nearly a week, one evening, as I expressed my desire to attend school to my parents, they took a sigh of relief, as I seemed interested in education for the first time. My father got me enrolled at Maharajpur Centre soon and I started attending school. Though I never liked studying in the past, after coming to AWC, the manner of teaching has somehow inspired me to pay attention in class and complete my homework,” says Sonu happily.
Sonu’s teacher says that he needs to work harder with academics and is making efforts in the direction. However the fun activities, and sports, invariably seem to capture most of his attention. He is otherwise a well behaved child, who is friends with many in the class.

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